quarta-feira, 18 de fevereiro de 2009

Cleaning the interior

The next step is to apply the primer inside of the body. In order to be able to do that, I have organized everything inside the truck. Many things were stored on the back seat and also on the back of the truck.

I removed everything on the back and also the back seat and cleaned the interior of the body with a stell brush. It has removed a lot of the damaged paint and also some rust. I was unable to paint so I just organized everything and placed the folding top cover on the right place. Now all the small things are into boxes on the back of the truck. I have placed the front and the back doors to its place and it will be a lot easyer to continue the work. In addition the interior has some protection from the dust and water. I hope next time I go there just to run the engine I can get back with my clothes clean!

You may ask why I simply don't dismount everything and prepare everything before mounting the truck. The problems is that the truck is not parked on the same place were I can work on it. In addition, I can work only during the weekends and the place has another use during the week. To make sure no parts will be lost I store everything inside the truck. Also I work on small steps, on the things I think are most important. With the painting damaged I'm working to paint it with the primer and prevent the rust. After the completion, I'll be able to work on some other issues on the breakes, the fuel tank, green painting, documentation....
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