quarta-feira, 1 de outubro de 2008

New pictures

Today I received some pictures from the command car.

Goal #1: The engine has to run. (Done) Pictures
Goal #2: The car has to be able to stop. (Done)
Goal #3: Replace the unusable tires. (Done) Pictures

Next things to do:
- Update the documentation.
- Fix the gas tank. Pictures
- Fix the folding top.
- Add the data plates on the panel & body tag.
- Replace the plastic buttons on the panel.
- Fix the position & replace the incorrect instruments on the panel.
- Find & install a new rear propeller shaft.
- Remove & Replace the civilian items for the correct military ones.
- Add the map table on the front & back seats.
- Replace the seat covers with one similar to the original one.
- Review & replace the electric cables.
- Repaint in the military colors.
- Replace the incorrect battery box hinge.

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